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ello and Welcome to my 'wee' Scotland Website. I'm glad that you, web wanderer, have made it onto these pages, on which I'd like to introduce and describe the interesting corner on our blue globe that has been my host country for almost one year. I've been living in Scotland's capital Edinburgh for about nine months, and during this time period I was happy to get countless and very catchy impressions of the North of Britain. I had the opportunity to become aquainted both with the rough but charming landscape of rural Scotland, and its two major urban centres Glasgow and Edinburgh. To the latter of those, being my place of residence for my stay, I have definitely fallen in love with: it is a wonderful place and I will always keep it in memories.
Besides providing some information and facts about Scotland, this website's purpose is to represent a piece of rememberence not only for me, but also for all the fellow international students and friends I had the pleasure to meet in Edinburgh. When this exchange year is over, not only I, but most of you will have to depart in all directions again: to the U.S., France, China, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and all the other countries and nationalities that made up our charming community here.

By the web, however, there is a possibiliy to keep in touch... hopefully this is gonna work for some of us, and maybe we can realise some of the planned mutual visits. ;-) But if that's not the case, at least this website should remain present as a reminiscence of a really great and wonderful time.